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product thumbnail for Black Soldiers in Blue
Item # / SKU:  9780807855799
Edited by John Daivd Smith (Paperback). Inspired by the latest research in African American, military, and social history, the 14 original essays in this book tell the stories of the African American soldiers who fought for the Union cause. These essays probe the broad military, political, and social significance of black soldiers' armed service, enriching our understanding of the Civil War and African American Life.
Our Price:$ 22.00

product thumbnail for The Cause of All Nations
Item # / SKU:  9780465029679
By Don H. Doyle (Hardback). When Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address in 1863, he realized the Civil War had taken on a wider significance - that all of Europe and Latin America was watching to see whether the United States, a beleaguered model of democracy, would perish. Doyle explains that the Civil War was viewed abroad as part of a much bigger struggle for democracy that spanned the Atlantic Ocean. Foreign observers held widely divergent views on the war - from radicals such as Karl Marx and Giuseppe Garibaldi who called on the North to fight for liberty and equality, to aristocratic monarchists who hoped that the collapse of the Union would strike a death blow against democratic movements. Both the Union and Confederacy sent diplomats overseas, hoping to capitalize on public sympathies abroad. This bold account frames the Civil War against international dimensions.
Our Price:$ 29.99

product thumbnail for Civil War Wives
Item # / SKU:  9781400095780
By Carol Berkin (Paperback). In these moving stories of Angelina Grimke Weld, wife of abolitionist Theodore Weld, Varina Howell Davis, wife of Confederate president Jefferson Davis, and Julia Dent Grant, wife of Ulysses S. Grant, Carol Berkin reveals how women understood the cataclysmic events of their day. Their stories, taken together, help reconstruct the era of the Civil War with greater depth and complexity by adding women's experiences and voices to their male counterparts.
Our Price:$ 16.95

product thumbnail for Damn Yankees!
Item # / SKU:  9780807160589
By George C. Rable (Hardback). During the Civil War, southerners produced a vast body of writing about their northern foes, painting a picture of a money-grubbing, puritanical, and infidel enemy. "Damn Yankees!" explores how the perpetual vilification of northerners became a weapon during the war, fostering hatred and resistance among the people of the Confederacy. It is the first comprehensive study of anti-Union speech and writing, the way words shaped perceptions of and events in the war. It draws from speeches, cartoons, editorials, letters, and diaries.
Our Price:$ 38.00

product thumbnail for They Fought Like Demons
Item # / SKU:  9781400033157
By DeAnne Blanton & Lauren Cook (Paperback). This lively and authoritative book opens a hitherto neglected chapter of Civil War history, telling the stories of hundreds of women who adopted male disguise and fought as soldiers. It explores their reasons for enlisting, their experiences in combat, and the way they were seen by their fellow soldiers and the American public. Impeccably researched and narrated with verve and wit, "They Fought Like Demons" is a major addition to our understanding of the Civil War Era.
Our Price:$ 16.95

product thumbnail for Learning from the Wounded
Item # / SKU:  9781469633374
By Shauna Devine (Paperback). Nearly two-thirds of the Civil War's approximately 750,000 fatalities were caused by disease - a staggering fact for which the American medical profession was profoundly unprepared. Before the war, training for physicians in the US was mostly unregulated and access to cadavers for teaching purposes was highly restricted. Devine argues that in spite of these limitations, Union physicians rose to the challenges of the war, undertaking methods of study and experimentation that had a lasting influence on the scientific practice of medicine.
Our Price:$ 27.95

product thumbnail for This Republic of Suffering
Item # / SKU:  9780375703836
By Drew Gilpin Faust (Paperback). More than 600,000 soldiers lost their lives in the American Civil War - an equivalent proportion of today's population would be 6 million. In this book, Faust reveals the way that death on such a scale changed not only individual lives but the life of the nation, describing how survivors manged on a practical level and how a deeply religious culture struggled to reconcile the carnage with its belief in a benevolent God. The voices of soldiers and their families, statesmen, generals, preachers, poets, surgeons, nurses, northerners and southerners come together to give a vivid understanding of the Civil War's most fundamental reality.
Our Price:$ 17.95

product thumbnail for The War That Forged a Nation
Item # / SKU:  9780199375776
By James McPherson (Hardback). 6 generations have now passed since the Civil War took place, and Americans are still struggling to measure its influence. In this book Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James McPherson considers why the Civil War remains so deeply and firmly embedded within our national consciousness. The legacy of the war extends beyond historical interest and scholarly scrutiny. To understand the issues of our own day - racial inequality, political gridlock, regional conflict, Red and Blue States, questions of state sovereignty, and the sometimes violent disagreement about the role of government in social change - we need look no further than the Civil War.
Our Price:$ 27.95

8 Items found - Viewing Page 1 of 1

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