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product thumbnail for Civil War Petersburg
Item # / SKU:  9780813925707
By A. Wilson Greene (Hardback). Greene's book tracks both Petersburg's civilian experience and the city's place in Confederate military strategy and administration. Employing score of unpublished sources, the book weaves a uniquely personal story of thousands of citizens - free blacks, slaves and their holders, factory owners, merchants - all of whom shared a singular experience living in Civil War Virginia.
Our Price:$ 34.95

product thumbnail for Dawn of Victory
Item # / SKU:  9781611212808
By Edward Alexander (Paperback). "Dawn of Victory" tells the story of the men who fought and died in the decisive battle on April 2, 1865 in the Petersburg campaign. Readers can follow the footsteps of the resolute Union attackers and stand in the shoes of the obstinate Confederate defenders as their actions decided the fate of the nation.
Our Price:$ 12.95

product thumbnail for The Petersburg Campaign
Item # / SKU:  9781580970242
By John Horn (Paperback). The loss in April 1865 of the railroad center at Petersburg, just south of Richmond, sealed the doom of the Confederacy. The campaign for Petersburg was a long siege operation of grueling trench warfare marked by bloody battles, incompetence, political maneuvering and cowardice. This dramatic narrative is supplemented by charts, statistics, and sidebars.
Our Price:$ 20.00

product thumbnail for Richmond Redeemed
Item # / SKU:  9781611212105
By Richard J. Sommers (Hardback). This monumental study focuses on Grant's Fifth Offensive (September 29 - October 2, 1864). In addition to his focused tactical lens, Dr. Sommers offers rich analysis of the generalship of Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and their senior subordinates. The prose of "Richmond Redeemed" is undergirded by thousands of manuscript and printed primary accounts from more than 100 archives. Complete with maps, photos, and index.
Our Price:$ 37.95

product thumbnail for Richmond Must Fall
Item # / SKU:  9781606351321
By Hampton Newsome (Hardback). In the fall of 1864, the Civil War's outcome rested largely on Abraham Lincoln's reelection in the upcoming presidential election. Newsome examines the battles leading up to it in unprecedented scope and detail. He draws on an array of original sources, examining the plans for the operations, the decisions made by commanders on the battlefield, and the soldier's view from the ground. At the same time, he places these military actions in the larger political context of the fall of 1864.
Our Price:$ 44.95

5 Items found - Viewing Page 1 of 1

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