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The Pamplin Heritage
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The Pamplin Heritage

"A Place Apart"

It took a rough and determined cadet to ensure the hazing and military style discipline of a first year "rat" at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in the early sixties. As told through the experiences of Robert B. Pamplin, Jr., "A Place Apart is a riveting, moving, real-life story. This is a no-nonsense depiction of the corps of cadets and the lessons learned - honor, loyalty, integrity, and courage.

Running Time: 70 minutes, Narrated by Hal Holbrook

"The Other Shore: An American Journey"

This is the inspiring 1000-year family saga of the Pamplin family. From their viking roots in Normandy, to their escape to England and finally, settlement in the colonies, they survived against enormous odds to become one of America's premier families. Along the way the family endured many tragedies and triumphs. A story rich with drama and historical re-creations that is sure to bring the American experience to life for every family that struggled against tremendous odds to make this country great.

Running Time: 93 minutes

Our Price: $9.95

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