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Your purchase at The Civil War Store helps support Pamplin Historical Park's educational mission. 

Pamplin Historical Park is truly one of the most exciting  historical attractions in the country. Here, history is presented in a context which appeals to all ages and all levels of interest. The 424-acre Park features the dazzling and exciting National Museum of the Civil War Soldier, where the visitor is immersed in a gripping and entertaining personal encounter with the story of the common soldier of the Civil War.

Nearby is Tudor Hall, an expertly restored and furnished 1815 plantation house that also served as a Confederate brigade headquarters during the 1864-5 Petersburg Campaign. Canvas tents mark the recreated Military Encampment, where visitors mingle with costumed interpreters and learn of soldiers' camp life. The Battlefield Center features a fiber optics map, priceless artifacts, and a state-of-the-art surround-sound theater presentation describing the April 2, 1865 Breakthrough battle.

Pamplin Historical Park is a perfect day-long attraction for families, individuals and groups. Novices will find the park's presentation as engaging, accessible and entertaining as Civil War buffs - and you'll be pleasantly surprised when your kids don't want to leave.

For more information about Pamplin Historical Park's Civil War Store, please contact us by phone.

 (804) 861-2408  ext. 212

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Pamplin Park Couple Annual Membership
The Petersburg Campaign lasted 10 months... our annual membership lasts for 12. Join us for a year of history with unlimited park admission with your annual pass.

You also will receive a 10% discount in The Civil War Store online and at Pamplin Historical Park.


Remembering the Battle of the Crater
In Remembering The Battle of the Crater: War is Murder, Kevin M. Levin addresses the shared recollection of a battle that epitomizes the way Americans have chosen to remember, or in many cases forget, the presence of the USCT. The volume analyzes how the racial component of the war’s history was portrayed at various points during the 140 years following its conclusion, illuminating the social changes and challenges experienced by the nation as a whole. Remembering The Battle of the Crater gives the members of the USCT a newfound voice in history.

Pamplin Historical Park Visitor
Paper, 31 pages, c.2006, maps, photos
by A. Wilson Greene, Executive Director of Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg, VA.

The Petersburg Campaign  Map
The Petersburg Campaign Map
By Trailhead Graphics

A complete map of the area using historic and present day features.

Tyvex ©2007


Donation to Pamplin Historical Park
Rally round your flag and support the cause!
Pamplin Historical Park is funded by private contributions. Your donation will help us complete important projects that would not otherwise be possible.